World’s cheapest house built with minor pipes, orders have been received so far to build 200 new houses!!

World’s cheapest house built with minor pipes, orders have been received so far to build 200 new houses!!

India is the second largest country after China in terms of population in the whole world, where people from the rich class to the poor class live. Even though today India is progressing rapidly in many matters including education, employment and technology, but even now the 60 million population of this country does not have a roof over the head of the house.In such a situation, a large part of the country’s population temporarily lives on the side of the road, under the flyover or in the slums, because they do not have enough money to build permanent and pucca houses.

In such a situation, Perala Manasa Reddy, a resident of Telangana, has found a way through which poor and destitute people can get home. Not only this, this house is absolutely adequate for every season including cold and summer, which is built in sewer pipes instead of bricks. It seems strange to hear that foundation can be laid in a house with sewer pipe, but Perala Manasa Reddy, who belongs to Bommkal village of Telangana, has made this impossible task possible. .

Manasa, 23, a degree in civil engineering from Punjab’s Lovely Professional University (LPU), used to look for easy ways to make homemade ones during her studies. In this way Mansa learned how to build an OPod Tube House from a company called James Law Cybertecture of Hong Kong.After this Manasa Reddy built a cheap and durable OPod Tube House under that idea, for which he used sewer pipes. Manasa had procured those pipes from a manufacturing company in Telangana.

That company provided Mansa with small and large sized sewer pipes, which could be used to build houses as per the requirement. A family of three people can easily live together in this circular house made of sewer pipe.Not only this, this OPod Tube House house can be converted into 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK according to your need, due to which a family of more than 3 members can also live comfortably in it. It takes only 15 to 20 days to prepare such houses.These sewer pipe OPod Tube Houses made by Manasa Reddy are being well received, while they are also getting a lot of appreciation on social media. In view of all these things, Mansa has also started his own startup, under which he has named his company Samnavi Constructions.

Through this startup, Manasa Reddy wants to provide strong and durable homes to the needy people at a low cost, so that they do not have to live in temporary shelters with the changing weather and India’s 60 million population can have a roof over their head.Manasa Reddy was born in Bommkal, a very small village in Telangana, so Manasa had to move out of the village to complete her school and college studies. During this time Manasa had worked as a volunteer in the poor and slum areas of Telangana, during which she realized that people did not even have a strong house to live in.To overcome this problem of temporary houses, Mansa studied civil engineering, so that she could provide good houses to the needy people at low prices. Mansa tells that during her studies she has seen people living in temporary houses made of steel sheets, plastic covers and bamboo, which have the largest number of families of migrant laborers.

People living in slums vacate those houses during the summer season as there is no means of escape from the heat. In such a situation, these people are forced to live on the side of the roads and under the flyover, where the air keeps blowing on their body from the passing vehicles.At the same time, during the rainy season, the low-lying areas are flooded and the number of disease-carrying mosquitoes and insects increases, due to which it becomes impossible to live in temporary houses built in those areas. In such a situation, people living in these places have to keep changing their homes throughout the year.Mansa had seen many workers living inside the sewer pipes on the side of the road, so he had planned to build OPod Tube House under this idea. In which basic features are available according to the need and it proves to be durable in all weather.

Manasa Reddy completed his civil engineering studies last year in 2020, after which Manasa started his business as soon as the lockdown was lifted at the end of the year. He contacted the existing sewage pipe manufacturer in Telangana and got the pipe as per his requirement.However, a company also helped Mansa in completing this project, which helped him to interconnect sewage pipes and build a sizable house. Sewage pipes may be round in shape, but their height is such that a tall man can easily stand in it.Manasa Reddy has painted the OPod Tube House with white paint to protect it from the heat, so that the house can remain cool from inside even in the rising temperature. Along with this, door, window, bathroom, kitchen, pipeline and electricity facilities are also present in the sewage house.

Manasa had borrowed 5 lakh rupees from her mother to complete the OPod Tube House project, but now people have liked her work so much that she will soon repay the loan taken from her mother.
Manasa Reddy started making the first OPOD Tube House on 2 March 2021 by taking land from his relative, which he had ready by 28 March. Mansa has decorated this 1 BHK House as per her choice, which looks very beautiful in appearance.The length of this house is 16 feet, while the height is 7 feet. The house has a small living room, a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen attached, which is good enough for a small family stay.

The pictures of the OPod Tube House made by Perala Manasa Reddy are becoming increasingly viral on social media, due to which his company has also got orders to build 200 new houses . . At present, for testing this house, Mansa has asked a migrant laborer to spend 7 days there, so that the design of the house can be improved in case of any shortage.Samnavi Constructions has so far received orders for manufacturing OPod Tube House from different states of the country including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. In such a situation, Manasa Reddy along with one of her fellow students is taking this work forward, so that in future all the needy people can get home.


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