The right way to eat protein to boost your health!!

The right way to eat protein to boost your health!!

The building block of life is protein. One might suffer from several health problems if he/she does not get enough protein. However, consuming more than required isn’t necessarily better. Although it can aid in muscle growth, if consumed too much, the body might retain the extra as fat.

In this article is put together all the information about the right way to eat protein to stay healthy as suggested by a Chandigarh based dietitian Shreya. According to the reports by WHO, it’s suggested that most Indians consume lower nutritional value foods. The protein intake of Indians is lower than global standards.

Lifestyle habits and the selection of diet plays a major role in increasing protein absorption and utilisation.

Disturbed sleep cycle, less exposure to sunlight, excessive use of gadgets and poor management of stress can reduce the protein uptake in the body which may further lead to increased susceptibility to disease and subsequent problems.

Daily protein intake requirement
The requirement for an average adult is 1 g per Kg body weight of protein per day, however it might vary according to an individual’s personal body needs.
According to Dietician Shreya, it can go up to 1.5 g or 2 g per kg with varying activity levels and conditions such as pregnancy, lactation and breastfeeding play a separate role.
The protein content of food varies considerably. However, animal sources of protein tend to be superior in both quantity and quality as compared to plant based protein sources.
Shreya says “Meat, eggs, milk are all considered an excelled source of high- quality protein.”

How to increase protein intake
Starting the day with protein, in fact focusing on eating protein in every meal can help one achieve their daily protein intake goal. This doesn’t mean that one needs to have chicken breast all day.

Shreya suggests adding legumes such as lentils, beans, peas, nuts like peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and seeds to diet as a snack can be beneficial and will also offer skin an inevitable glow. Some seeds that can be added are pumpkin, chia, flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds.

“Millets are proven to be a great source of protein and also provide for the mineral values” says Shreya.

She suggests including other whole grains in the diet as well such as rice, wheat quinoa, oats, buckwheat, and millet.

Having salads along with the protein will offer a lot of fiber as well. “A bowl of sprout along with protein is always a good idea” tells Shreya. “Dairy products such as curd, paneer are rich in protein and are a good choice to go with, however, tofu is a better substitute.” It is suggested to have these in moderation.

Animal based protein such as poultry, chicken, turkey, duck and a variety of seafood and eggs are good choices to depend on. However, red meat including unprocessed beef, pork, lamb, mutton and goat should be restricted in diet as it can be fatal and cause cardiovascular conditions.

How protein helps lose weight
Protein is a crucial ingredient for shedding pounds. Getting adequate protein might help to promote a healthy metabolism and suppress appetite. One can possibly drop body fat without losing muscle with adding more protein rich meals in their diet.

By replacing carbohydrates and fat with protein, Shreya explains that one reduces the hunger hormones and instead boosts satiety hormones. This makes one eat fewer calories and lose excessive weight.
Including protein in every meal will also support the growth, maintenance, and repair of muscles, body tissues and cells.

“When I say high protein diet and low carbohydrate diet, I do not mean to have artificial supplements. I just mean to have more calories from protein as compared to carbohydrates.” Explains the dietician.
Elimination of carbohydrates is not necessary as they are equally beneficial and crucial for the body to operate well.


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