“My wife does no work and always yells at me”

“My wife does no work and always yells at me”

Query: My wife is very irresponsible and lazy. Every time I ask for her help regarding some work, she just yells at me and threatens to call her brother (who is very mighty and scary). I feel trapped in such a marriage, and I can’t even escape this. How can I communicate with my wife regarding this?
Response by Aashmeen Munjaal: If you talk about how your wife doesn’t do any work or is irresponsible or how your brother-in-law is rowdy – your life will be full of such undesirable circumstances with nasty home situations…

Now if you don’t want your wife to be this way – what do you want? To be responsible, to do her work timely; you want your brother-in-law to be respectful and gentle with you.Start WRITING what you DO want in your relationships. And now start giving your energy to it by practising manifestation and gratitude.You need to learn how to make that thing real in life what you want.

If you are complaining, fighting with, or resisting what’s presently happening in your life: According to the rule of the Universe – Whatever you resist, it will persist!

If you resist the way your brother-in-law or wife is, you will persistently face more situations where they will behave in a manner that you don’t like. You cannot let go of darkness by darkness – you can only remove darkness by light. You need to ignite the light in your relationships by practising gratitude.

5 steps to attract your desired relationship:

1. Writing: In the above situation for your wife, even if out of 10 she does only one work – you can start by being grateful for it. For example, I am so grateful my wife turns on the light in the morning or I’m glad and thankful my wife opens the door when I come home from work.

I am grateful to my wife for cooking tea for me. Start writing 10 things to be grateful for in the morning and 10 things to be grateful for in the evening.

2. Speaking: Talk about the things you are grateful about your wife

3. Listening: Hear yourself speak things you are grateful for about your wife. If you are not able to find anything to be grateful for, you are not trying to look for it.
4. Vision: Whenever you see your wife working in the kitchen, cleaning the room, or getting you a glass of water: give your gratitude for that

5. Visualisation: Imagine your wife being a structured, responsible, loving wife and how everything at home is well managed when you come back home from work.

You can repeat the above 5 steps in your relationship with your brother-in-law as well: Give your gratitude for things you appreciate about him and imagine your brother-in-law being humble, and respectful and you have a wonderful relationship.


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