Make this mark on the main door of the house… Lakshmi will come and a miracle will happen!!

Make this mark on the main door of the house… Lakshmi will come and a miracle will happen!!

As we all know, not everyone’s life is the same. Some have happiness in their lives and some have problems in their lives. Every human being has to face ups and downs along with time. Change is the law of nature and happiness and sadness keep coming in life. People make all efforts to remove the troubles of their life and maintain peace and harmony at home.

Every human being wishes that there is no trouble in his family and that the grace of Mother Lakshmi ji continues to shower. People make all efforts to seek the blessings of Maa Lakshmi. But many times despite all the efforts of a person, he cannot find peace and happiness at home.

If you want to maintain the comfort of your home. Along with this, if you want to get the grace of Mother Lakshmi, then some rules have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra. If you follow these small rules in your life, then happiness and peace will return in your home.

Not only that, Mother Lakshmiji will reside in the house. Many obstacles in life can be easily removed by doing these vastu remedies. By doing this, initial results are achieved in every task. So let’s know about these remedies according to Vastu Shastra…

Vastu Remedies to Maintain Happiness and Peace at Home..Vastu Shastra has stated many rules, following which one can remove many problems in one’s life and end negative energy in the house. If you want to stay in the house with peace and happiness, then put a swastika or Om symbol on the main door of the house.

To maintain peace and happiness in the house, many remedies have been mentioned in astrology. Accordingly, you should keep a kalash full of water in the north-east direction of your house, it gives good results in life. If you do this simple remedy, the peace of the house will be maintained.

According to Vastu Shastra, the place of worship in the kitchen should not be forgotten, otherwise it disturbs the peace of the house and starts a situation of arguments in the family. You should keep a water pot in the north-east direction of the house. Your home will never lack wealth. It is considered auspicious to keep a pot of water in the house.

Vastu experts have said that God or religious pictures should not be installed in the bedroom as it is not considered auspicious. If one does this, then the happiness in life ends and one’s problems start increasing.

Vastu Shastra has given some rules regarding the place of worship built in the house. You have to take care that the wall of the temple should not be connected with the wall of the toilet. If this happens, the peace of the house is lost. Not only this, even Mother Lakshmi does not reside in such houses.If you want to maintain positive energy in your home, then no corner of the house should be kept dark. Light a lamp or a small bulb in every corner of the house. Where there is light negativity is destroyed.


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