If bad times do not leave your side, then adopt this remedy of Pipla Patta.. Stuck works will be completed instantly.. All the dangers will be avoided..

If bad times do not leave your side, then adopt this remedy of Pipla Patta.. Stuck works will be completed instantly.. All the dangers will be avoided..

Human life is considered very rare. Man goes through many ups and downs in his life. Sometimes happiness comes in life, sometimes problems arise in life. You can understand that human life has two sides of a coin.

Human life has two phases of happiness and sorrow. If a person is going through good times now, he will have to go through bad times in the future. If you are going through bad times now, you will have good times in the future.

There is no person in this world whose life has been the same. Everyone wants their life to never have any troubles and bad times, but this is not possible. A man has to work hard to maintain his good times, but there comes a time when he has to face bad times as well.

Good times and bad times come and go, but you have often felt that bad times in life do not mean losing. Despite your best efforts, bad times aren’t chasing you, so you can try some remedies. You will be benefited by doing these remedies especially during Corona period.

Worship the Sun.. According to religious texts, the Sun God is called Pratyaksha. It is believed that if the sun god is worshipped, if a person is going through a bad time in his life, it can be removed. Doing this remedy not only removes the adverse circumstances of life, but also removes unemployment or financial problems.

If you people want to get rid of troubles and difficult situations in your life then you should start worshiping Surya. You offer arghya to the sun god regularly every day. Sunday is dedicated to Sun God, so you should chant Aditya Hridiya Stotra on this day. You will benefit from this.

Worship of Hanumanji.. It is often seen that most people have money related problems in their lives. People try hard to get rid of money related problems but to no avail. If money is lacking in your life then you should worship Hanumanji at night,

But it is necessary to take special care of cleanliness and purity during the worship of Hanumanji. When you worship Hanumanji, it is necessary to be pure in mind and body. During puja you should control your thoughts. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Banyan leaf remedy will start removing bad times.. You can take banyan leaf remedy to get rid of your bad times. After darshan of Panchang, on the day of Pushya Nakshatra break a leaf of banyan tree and apply turmeric on it and make swastika mark. After that you keep that leaf at the place of worship at home. By doing this remedy, your bad times will start to go away. Not only this but by doing this remedy the stalled work also starts.

Let us tell you that Goddess Lakshmiji is considered as the goddess of wealth and Mother Lakshmiji’s day is Friday. Goddess Lakshmi is specially worshiped and fasted on this day. If you want to get rid of financial troubles then keep fast on Friday and recite Sri Kanak Dhara Stotra.

While preparing food first make roti for cow mother and spread ghee on it and feed it to cow mother, it pleases mother Annapurna. Before going to bed at night you should remember the work done by you throughout the day and ask God for your forgiveness if you have hurt or hurt someone during the whole day.


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