If any kinnar is found in this place, then you should do this work.

If any kinnar is found in this place, then you should do this work.

Kinnar community has been given a special status in our society. A lot of talk is going on in the society regarding their existence. But, there are many secrets about him which the world is still unaware of and which everyone wants to know.

Their world is as different from the others as it is mysterious inside. Their customs and rituals are completely different from other religions. In this community they are known by different names like third gender, transgender and transgender.

But, they have special importance in the society. It is believed that if the blessings of a eunuch are with you, you will never become poor. It is said that, even after hard work, you have shortage of money. One should take the blessings of eunuchs.If you feel that despite all your efforts you are not getting success, you can definitely try. You can wake up your sleeping fortune by following the steps below.

Mahalakshmi resides in conch, amla, dung, lotus and white clothes. So if you want to end your poverty then keep these things in your house always. On the Chaturdashi tithi that comes before Amavasya, light 14 lamps in the west direction of your house in the name of ancestors.

Put a handful of rice in the pond where the fish are. By doing this all obstacles will be removed and luck will increase for getting wealth. If your family is troubled by evil eye. So after hitting all the members of the house seven times with black sesame seeds, throw the sesame seeds in the west direction.

Worship Lakshmi in the morning and install Goddess Lakshmi’s feet in the house. If you keep your money in any safe or cupboard in the house, keep lotus seeds and Sri Yantra in that place. Worship these two daily so that you never lack money etc.

At best, vermilion and red chunri are loaded on the same gooseberry. Worshiping Amla pleases Goddess Lakshmi and brings wealth to the house. Buy three brooms on Sunday or Monday and bring them home.Keep these brooms in a temple near the house on the next day in Brahma Muhurta. Be careful not to talk about this remedy with anyone. By doing this, the possibility of getting money also increases.

Donating make-up items and money to eunuchs and seeking blessings by touching their feet increases luck. If you take a one rupee coin from a eunuch and keep it in your purse, all your wishes will also come true.

Donate honey items to a married woman who works as a cleaner and her blessings Common people know very little about eunuchs. But, it is known that the blessings of some eunuchs are enough to increase the fortune of any person.


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