Here’s what ‘Tiger 3’ actress eats all day to remain in perfect shape!

Here’s what ‘Tiger 3’ actress eats all day to remain in perfect shape!

Birthday girl Katrina Kaif is definitely one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood. She has always been taking care of her food, skincare habits and often shares her fitness routine online. Katrina’s physique is in shape but it’s not easy maintaining it. One gotta follow a proper diet and workout plan. ‘Tiger 3’ actress enjoys her workout as we can see on her Instagram feed, but what all is on her plate? Let’s find out today.

In an interview with Vogue India earlier in March this year, celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah revealed what Kat loves to eat and how she stays fit:

Kat savours some superfoods in her everyday diet which give her a dreamy glow.

According to Shweta Shah, “Katrina has a pitta body, which means she needs foods that can balance this dosha by keeping it alkaline. For this, I recommend her to have eight soaked raisins in the morning along with fennel seeds.”

Juices keep one’s body cool and increase the metabolism too. Katrina takes vegetable juices like ash gourd or cucumber at least once a day. It not just helps with her diet but also keeps her hydrated and regulates blood pressure as reported by Vogue.

“She likes having two home-cooked meals in a day, mostly of Asian cuisine. Her favourite dishes include steamed fish, edamame and avocado salad, zucchini or quinoa pancakes, lettuce wraps and zoodles, ” Shweta Shah told Vogue.

Katrina Kaif loves hot soups and stews, she often has lentil stews or vegetable soups in her daily diet. Her absolute favourite is broccoli and drumsticks soup and can be tagged as her ‘go-to’ dish.

Who doesn’t like sweets? But to be in that shape, you have to cut down on it so to satiate her sweet cravings, Katrina often turns to dates. It indeed is a healthier option than refined sugar as dates are packed with fibre and antioxidants, and do not spike up your blood sugar levels.

“Katrina understands her body well and makes her own food choices that are clean and healthy. To add variety to her plate, we often include seasonal veggies in her meal plans. She also refrains from having dairy and gluten and isn’t a big fan of snacking. Being dairy and gluten-free prevents one from having gut-related ailments and when the gut is healthy, it keeps major health issues at bay,” celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah told Vogue India.

Every diet plan is given or followed according to one’s body needs and goals. No one should ever follow any diet plan or tips blindly without consulting a professional as it may not give you any result if it doesn’t suit your body type.


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