Even if it is sold at free price, don’t buy iron things on Saturday..otherwise Lord Shani will be displeased.. You will not get the benefits of worship..

Even if it is sold at free price, don’t buy iron things on Saturday..otherwise Lord Shani will be displeased.. You will not get the benefits of worship..

In Hinduism more emphasis is placed on the worship of God. Here seven days of the week are dedicated to a particular goddess or goddess. Saturday is considered the day of Lord Shani. By worshiping Lord Shani on this day, they are quickly happy.

Keeps us away from troubles. But do you know that some special things should also be taken care of on Saturday. Shani Dev may get angry if you break these rules. No intoxicants, alcohol, cigarettes etc. should be consumed on Saturday. Due to this Shani Dev gets angry.

According to astrology and religious belief, Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani. So Shani Maharaj is worshiped on this day. On this day, devotees throng the Shani temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shani. But there are some special activities on Saturdays, which should not be done. It is said that doing such a thing enrages Lord Shani.

Don’t make connections.. Don’t get physical with your partner on Saturday. This day is Shani Dev’s day. On this day your mind should be immersed in spirituality and religion. Especially when you are worshiping Lord Shani, avoid physical intercourse with your partner on that day. Shanidev may be offended by it.

Avoid buying chappals.. According to Shastras one should not buy shoes and chappals even forgetting on Saturday. It is inauspicious to bring them home on this day. However, if you want to donate old shoes and slippers to the needy, there is no better day than Saturday. Giving shoes and slippers on this day brings benefits. Shani Dev’s grace remains in sight.

Avoid buying iron articles.. It is said in the scriptures that one should not buy any iron article on Saturday. If you buy iron at home on this day, you will have to face the crooked vision of Saturn. However, you can certainly donate iron on this day. Lord Shani is pleased by donating iron objects on Saturday.

Avoid buying salt.. Buying salt on Saturday is also considered inauspicious. According to scriptures, bringing salt in the house on this day has a negative effect on the financial condition of the house. There is a loss of money. On the other hand Shanidev is also angry. Then we have to face their anger. So, it will be better if you don’t buy salt on this day.

Do not cut hair and nails.. Cutting hair and nails is also prohibited on Saturday. If you cut your hair or nails on this day, you will have to face Shani Dev’s crooked vision. Then one after another sorrows keep coming in the house. At the same time, it is believed that cutting hair and nails on Saturday and Thursday destroys the house. Unnecessary expenses.

Do not make masoor dal at home or consume it outside on Saturday. If possible, lentil dal should be donated on this day. This pleases Lord Shani. If you eat non-vegetarian food on Saturday, you may face the wrath of Shani.

While worshiping Lord Shani, be careful not to look into his eyes. In such a situation either close your eyes during the pooja or do the pooja by looking at his feet. It is said that by worshiping Lord Shani with your eyes, his vision begins to fall upon you.

However, people worship facing east. But it is believed that Saturn is the lord of west. So one should face west while worshiping Shanidev. Do not stand straight while worshiping Shanidev. Also, when you move from there after worshiping, then move to the same position in which you are standing. Shanidev should not show his back. This makes them angry.


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