Enthusiasm of Baba Barfani’s devotees: Somebody brought a 21 feet high huge trident, some reached with a pair of white pigeons

Enthusiasm of Baba Barfani’s devotees: Somebody brought a 21 feet high huge trident, some reached with a pair of white pigeons

In this year’s Amarnath Yatra, there is a huge crowd of devotees, all just want to get the good fortune of seeing Baba Barfani. Devotees are seeing great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, devotees are chanting Baba Barfani all the way, in such a situation many devotees have brought offerings or gifts for Baba Barfani. You will be surprised to know that this gift is not any money, fruit, chunari, milk etc., but the devotees are reaching for darshan with a 21 feet high trident and a pair of pigeons in the offering. 

A group of Shiva devotees from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh have brought a 21 feet high huge Trishul as an offering for Baba Barfani, and they will install this huge Trishul in the cave of Baba Barfani. With a trident of 21 feet, the devotees have reached Jammu after a long journey of two days. On Friday, the group of Shiva devotees will now leave for the holy cave. From Pahalgam, Shiva devotees carrying this heavy trident on their shoulders will leave for the holy cave.

Devotees who arrived with Trishul say that they are going to offer this Trishul at the feet of Lord Shankar. At the same time, sadhus from Hoshiarpur in Punjab have arrived with a pair of pigeons. The sadhu will leave for the holy cave in Friday’s batch. He said that Baba would leave the pair of pigeons in the snowy cave so that they would stay at Baba’s feet. The sadhu said that he has immense faith in Baba Barfani. The monk said that the pair of two white pigeons has been with him for many years.

Let’s go to the cave of Baba Barfani this time

Have visited Vaishno Devi many times. This time I wanted to see Baba Barfani. I had registered online only two months back. The mind becomes happy to see the long queues for registration in Vaishnavi Dham. Such is the grace of Lord Bholenath that everyone is drawn towards him.

There is also a gathering of youth in Amarnath Yatra

The number of youths is also not less among the devotees who are reaching for the darshan of Baba Barfani. I am on Amarnath Yatra for the first time. Have faith in Lord Bholenath. I had made up my mind to travel to Amarnath for a long time, but could not be seen due to Kovid.

Devotees absorbed in the hymns of Baba Barfani

Cultural program for Amarnath Yatris was organized by the Cultural Wing of Information and Public Relations Department at TRC Jammu, Railway Station. During this, the artists enthralled the devotees with their performances. Bhajans narrating the glory of Lord Bholenath forced the devotees to dance. During this, the artists of the department gave presentations. In this, other artists including Vijay Anand, Bunty Shah, Surjit Singh, Kamal Kumar sang the hymns of their Baba.

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