Bollywood director who wanted to marry his own daughter and make a physical……

Bollywood director who wanted to marry his own daughter and make a physical……

The stars of Bollywood film industry remain in the headlines due to their lifestyle. There are some stars who do not care about the society and live their life openly. There is one such Bollywood director, who is famous for debauchery. This director had an affair with many actresses. Not only this, once this director had crossed the limit and publicly kissed his daughter and also gave a statement that he wants to marry his daughter.

That director is none other than Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt has always made bold films and because of this he often remains in controversies. Mahesh Bhatt has also been in a lot of controversies in his personal life. You might not know this. But a photo of Mahesh Bhatt was printed on the cover page of a magazine, in which he was seen kissing his daughter to Pooja Bhatt. Because of this there was a lot of controversy.

The liplock scene of Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt became the subject of much discussion. The controversy had increased so much that Mahesh Bhatt had to hold a press conference. He had even said in the press conference that he would have married Pooja Bhatt, had she not been his real daughter. By the way, you will also be surprised to know that Mahesh Bhatt’s parents also did not marry. Mahesh Bhatt has also been a man of egoistic type. Do not know how many girls came in his life.


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