The school still start in Poland in the name of Digvijay Singh, know the secret hidden in history

The school still start in Poland in the name of Digvijay Singh, know the secret hidden in history

Russia continues to attack Ukraine. Modi government is bringing Indian children trapped in Ukraine under Operation Ganga. The same Poland has announced free visa for Indians stranded in Ukraine. But why did Poland take such a big decision towards India, why is Poland so kind to India. There is a secret hidden behind this in the history of many years ago. For this we have to turn the pages of history.

In fact, Poland has taken this big decision to repay the debt of Digvijay Singh, who was the king of Jamnagar in Gujarat many years ago. On 3 September 1942, Hitler started the Second World War by invading Poland. When the war reached a terrifying level, the Polish soldiers put about 500 Polish women and about 200 children in the ship and asked the captain of the ship to leave all these people in a country that would give them shelter. If we survive, we will meet again. After this the ship reached Siraf port of Iran carrying everyone by sea route.

When Polish Shiva of Poland reached Iran’s Siraf with everyone, the Iranian government refused to give him asylum and asked him to leave. After this the ship reached Seychelles and refused to give them shelter there too. After this the ship wandered in the sea and reached the Jamnagar coast of Gujarat. At that time the Raja of Jamnagar used to be Jam Saheb Digvijay Singh.

Digvijay Singh not only gave refuge to the people of Poland, but he also gave them one of his palaces to live in. Not only this, Raja Saheb also arranged for the education of children in the Sainik School of Balachari. It is said that the refugees from Poland lived in Jamnagar for about 9 years.

The descendants of Polish refugees still come to Jamnagar in Gujarat. Due to this help of King Digvijay Singh, the Government of Poland named many streets of the capital Warsaw after Maharaja Jam Saheb. Not only this, many schemes in the Polish government are run in the name of the King. Maharaja Jam Sabah has such a reputation in Poland that his articles are published in the newspapers of Poland.


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