Tomato Fever fear grips Kerala: How to protect your children from viral infection?

Tomato Fever fear grips Kerala: How to protect your children from viral infection?

Tomato Fever: As Kerala grapples with the spread of Tomato Fever among children, take a look at how you can protect your kids from the infection.

: The state of Kerala has been reeling under the spread of Tomato Fever, a flu that mainly affects children below the age of 5. At the moment, a small of part of Kollam has the virus but a spread is possible, warned officials. While some reports claim 80 cases of the infection has been recorded in the state till now, others go as far as 100. Earlier, in May, the Health Minister had warned the people of the State to not panic as Tomato fever is endemic in Kerala.

The flu had spooked people as it affected a vulnerable population of children below 5 years of age. The disease is called ‘Tomato fever’ as the infected individual often develops red-coloured blisters, shaped like tomatoes on their bodies.

Tomato Fever: Symptoms
The symtoms are red blisters on the skin, irritation in the skin, joint pain, runny nose, high fever, stomach pain, vomiting, cough, body pain, sneezing, diarrhea and fatigue.

*How to protect children from Tomato Fever?
1. Make sure that there is social distancing between children and as well as between children and their caregivers outside home.

2. Hygiene and cleaniless are of utmost importance. Keep your children’s bed, room, bathroom and their toys clean and disinfected. Change their diaper regularly.

3. At the time of an outbreak, don’t let children share their belongings.

4. If you notice any mild symptoms in your child, make sure to let them rest at home and don’t let them go to public places for a few days.

5. Instruct your children to avoid touching their face, eyes and nose unnecessarily in public places.

*Tomato Fever: Measures to avoid spreading of the infection
1. Feed a lot of water to infected children and it must be boiled and then cooled water.

2. Blisters or rashes should not be scratched in any way.

3. It is important to maintain proper hygiene. Utensils, clothes and other items used by the infected persons must be sanitised to prevent the flu from spreading.

4. For baths, mix something that is resistant to germs in lukewarm water and then use that water for bathing infected children.

5. If you see the slightest symptoms, do not ignore it. Go to the doctor immediately.

Tomato flu is self-limiting and there is no specific drug for it. Doctors say symptoms will resolve overtime on their own but care has to be taken.


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